The NightHawk

The NightHawk platform transforms the intelligence gathering into a proficient and efficient process, with a significant cost-saving and sustainable solution, while enabling the locating and monitoring of targets in the Cyber Intelligence domain.
The NightHawk delivers values for the long term through low sensitivity to external changes such as device security updates and evolving cyber security vectors. It leverages existing cyber-intelligence solutions and increases the efficiency of tactical operations.
The NightHawk system can make the difference in a multitude of intelligence operation scenarios with its innovative approach to cyber Intelligence gathering, compared to existing market solutions.


Leading Cyber IoT arena

Interionet systems Ltd. is a privately held company. The company provides an innovative approach in the cyber intelligence arena for law enforcement and intelligence agencies by providing solutions leveraging the latest communication and IoT technologies.

With its staff of specialists and extensive experience from deployed systems worldwide, combined with its operational knowledge and best-of-breed technological capabilities, Interionet is a true partner to governments in their daily fight to protect human lives from crime and terror.

Join Us

Do you want to be part of a strong team?

Discover critical system vulnerabilities, research known exploits and write shell-codes that will pave the way for us.
Position Requirements:
* +3 years of experience with reverse engineering and vulnerability research projects - MUST
* Experience in Assembly language - MUST
* Experience in C/C++ programming languages - MUST
* Deep experience with Linux - MUST
* Familiarity with firmware and embedded OS design principles (advantage).
* Experience with ARM/MIPS architectures (advantage).
* Highly motivated, Analytical thinking and creativity.



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